Demag KB conical-rotor brake motors

Demag KBF conical-rotor brake motors


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Demag KBF conical-rotor brake motors are ideally suited to the demanding requirements placed on travel drives, particularly in materials handling installations. They offer smooth starting and gentle braking and make it possible to achieve long run-up times and high switching frequencies. KBF motors also meet the specifications for high-inertia loads.

Since KBF motors feature squirrel-cage rotors, you can also use this inexpensive and robust motor type for cranes and travel applications for travel speeds up to 63 m/min.

KBF motors can be supplied with 2 and 4 poles with output speeds of 3000 or 1500 rpm and as pole-changing units for 1500/3000, 750/3000, 500/3000 and 500/1500 rpm.

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Torque-speed characteristic of KBF travel motors

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